Frequently Asked Questions

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01      Do You Really Manage Everything?

Yes we do. From building out the infrastructure of your platform to communicating with your referral partners we manage all aspects of your program for you. It's like having your very own BDC just for Referral Marketing.

02     Is There A Set Up Fee?

Yes, there is a one-time launch fee of $5000 which covers the build and development of your referral platform. After that it's only a small monthly fee for us to run, manage and promote your referral program.

03     How Many Leads Will I Get Each Month?

It really depends on how many referral partners we get signed up and that is based on how many leads and clients you have in your database. Our goal is to deliver your dealership referral leads, appointments and car deals however we also work to generate leads for all of your departments.

04     Can You Generate Referrals For My Other Departments

Yes, our referral platform and offers are designed to generate leads for all of your departments including finance, body shop, detail, used vehicles, new vehicles,

05     How Do I Get The Leads?

We have a few different options to push or notify you when new referral leads are generated and we can discuss more in detail during our call.

06     Do You Communicate With The Leads?

Yes we do, if referral partners and referral leads have questions we communicate with them via email, SMS, phone and even social media. All messages are logged in your platform for future reference.

07     How Do I Pay?

We'll send you a payment link where you can pay online via any credit card. If you need to write a check we only ask you pay 3 months in advance as all of our accounting systems are online and checks slow down our process.

08     Are There Any Contacts?

No, there are no contracts. It's month-to-month billing on your credit card.

09     Do You Need Access To My CRM or DMS?

Yes and No. Most dealers set us up as and admin user of their CRM or DMS so we can login, grab the lists of new leads, clients, so you don't have to do it. You can send us the list yourself if you want but most dealers prefer we do it for them. Depending on your program you may want to build out some additional functionality and we can have those conversations if the need arises.

10      What Will My Responsibilities Be?

You will need to provide us with a list of clients and leads you want us to reach out to and get signed up as referral partners or you can give us access to your CRM/DMS. If you choose to send the lists yourself you can send them monthly, weekly, daily. We'll also have a few calls over the year so we know which campaigns and promotions you're running. You'll always have access to your client portal where you can request campaigns, content and support. 

11      Is My Data Safe With You?

Yes, We'll sign a privacy, compliance and terms of use contract for your dealership ensuring everything we do is transparent and in compliance with the laws of the U.S. and your state. Our data is hosted on encrypted servers and even our platform was built with military grade encryption and all of our data is backed-up offline and online every 2 hours.