Here's the 28 Step Referral Marketing Playbook We're Going To Run For Your Dealership


Spin Up The Software

We've built a custom coded software platform with a mobile app specifically for automotive referral marketing. Our dev team is in house which us to continually update and improve the software for both you and us.


CRM List

Within the first 48 hours we'll start segmenting your customers and leads from your CRM and creating our outbound campaigns.


Data Enrichment

We'll take the segmented lists and use Big Data to connect the dots and further enhance your customer profiles. This will allow us to pinpoint specific "referral signals" so we can create and promote the best possible offers. 



Our design team will then create 5-6 offers for each department. Each offer will have a landing page, social media post, email and SMS collateral. Once you approve them we'll get started on the calendar.


Staff Training

We'll provide a one-pager explaining how the program works, what it does and why they should help promote it to everyone they talk to.


Slack Channel

Depending on your level of communication we'll set up a Slack Channel so you'll be able to ping us anytime for anything you may need. 


Invite Launch

The first outbound invite launch will have 200-500 contacts. Once this is complete we'll analyze the data and get everything ready for the next steps.


Scale The Campaigns

Our next invite campaigns will start right away and we'll continue this through the next month until we'll have sent to everyone in your database.


Paid Ads

As part of your launch fee we'll also be running paid ads on the major networks for 45 days promoting your new referral program. 


Local Business Lists

We'll pull a list of every business in your area and contact them promoting you new referral program.


Local Consumer Lists

We'll pull a list of consumers in your area (who meets the criteria from our previous data enrichment) and try to get them signed up for your program.


Printable Collateral

We'll create flyers and table tops cards for your dealership which you can place though out your store helping promote your referral program.


Staff Messaging

6 weeks after launch we'll create some internal messaging reminding your staff about the referral program, how to get people signed up and provide a leaderboard of their stats.


New Hire Onboarding

We'll send over a printable packet for all new hires with information about your referral program so they'll be up to speed on their first day.



YouTube Videos

We'll create and upload referral program overview video's to your youtube channel. If you don't have a channel, we'll create one for you.


Social Media Accounts

We'll connect your social media accounts to your referral platform so you can share and post the offers and content directly from your referral dashboard.



Factory Events

We'll create offers specifically based on your Factory Events. New vehicle launches, ride & drives, lease specials and much more. 


Charity Events

When you sponsor charity events in your area we'll create registration pages, ticket give aways and much more to drive as much goodwill and awareness as possible to your dealership.



Joint Ventures

We'll help facilitate joint ventures between you and other local businesses combining the power of both your audiences.


Local Events

Anytime there's a local event you're a part of we'll create content which can be shared to create more buzz.



Buyer Kits

One of our strategies is to create buyer kits which you'll give to people buying vehicles and contains coupons, discounts and other promotional gifts from other local businesses. 


Coupons & Discounts

We'll create both long term and short term offers and discounts for all of your departments so your referral partners will always have something of value to share with their networks.



Videos & Webinars

We'll create video's and webinars showcasing safe driving tips, maintenance, credit questions and much more giving your dealership the "educational' advantage every other dealer is lacking.


Podcasts & News Bookings

If you'd like to become a celebrity in your area we'll get you booked on local podcasts and news channels talking about your dealership, events and much more.



RO Flyers

You'll get printed flyers which you can attach on each RO inviting people to your referral program and how it works. 


Group Buying Club

As we get companies and businesses signed up they'll be invited to your Dealership's group buying club where they'll receive special buying offers, discounts and perks.



Monthly Press Releases

Each month we'll create and distribute a press release about your dealership further enhancing trust, credibility and awareness in your local area.


Referral Testimonials

Once a referral lead has bought we'll create testimonials and content which you'll be able to post and use on your dealerships' website and social media pages. Imagine having 50,100 and even 500 people telling everyone how great your dealership is.


Your Next Steps...

Get Your Referral Program Restarted In 3 Simple Steps 


Book a Call

We'll have a quick 15-20 minute call to go over a few of the basics, how it all works and answer all of your questions.



Our team of developers, designers and content managers will get your referral platform built, optimized and ready for launch.


Your Referral Program is Launched Within 7-10 Days