Your Million Dollar Sales Team

Finding new clients in today’s marketing landscape can be frustrating.

With all of the different marketing channels available most businesses are not sure where they should spend their time and money.

If I had a limited budget and needed to produce results immediately here’s where I’d start.

For many of you, you’re probably trying to find new clients through...

  • Newspaper ads…
  • Television ads…
  • PPC ads…
  • Blog…
  • Writing posts on LinkedIn…
  • Posting pictures on Instagram…
  • Publishing on Facebook…
  • Email marketing...
  • Direct mail…
  • Podcasting…
  • Writing a book…
  • Sending tweets…

You might even be a real go-getter and use Reels, Tiktok, Snapchat or Medium.

All of these marketing channels are GREAT but you need to take all of that effort and reposition it to a different audience.

Let’s be honest with each other for a few minutes and talk about what really happens when you’re trying to generate leads by promoting your business.

Tomorrow you’ll tweet, post something on Facebook and maybe even publish an article on LinkedIn.

All this is great and you should be doing it, but let me ask you this…

Who is actually seeing your content?

People who already know you right?

When your connections are ready to buy they know where to find you.

If you want to grow your business the audience you want to reach is not the people who already know you… it’s the people who don’t know you.

Reaching the people who don’t know you is difficult and expensive but it doesn’t have to be if you shift your thinking.

Let’s talk about “Joanne” the client who bought a new vehicle from your dealership a few hours ago.

Here’s how simple it can be to grow your business with Joanne’s help.

In a few weeks she'll host a dinner party where 10 of her friends will come to her house and they'll spend a wonderful evening together.

During the night one of her friends noticed Joanne’s new car and commented on them.

The conversation then will turn towards her shiny new car, your wonderful staff and great having this new vehicle has been for her.

All of the neighbors will secretly wish they could get a new car too...

During the party they'll asked Joanne questions about her new card... she answer most of them but because she’s not a car salesperson she couldn’t answer all of them.

The evening came to a close and everyone will go home fuller and happier.

What should have turned into a few referral leads at this dinner party led to nothing… however, a few minor changes would have probably turned into thousands of dollars in revenues for your dealership.

Humor me for a second, add up all the clients in your database.

How many do you have?

Yes, you have a “mobile sales force” that can help you sell more of your products and services.

However, to turn them into your “mobile sales army” you must provide them with tools and information to share with their friends and family otherwise they’re just another name on the list.

In Joanne’s example, who better to talk about your products and services than her?

She knows you, she trusts you, she’s even given you her hard-earned money and during her dinner party she has a captive audience of her friends and family where your dealership is not being “pitched” but rather endorsed.

I absolutely guarantee Joanne will close at a higher rate with her audience than your best salesperson because...

Her audience trusts her implicitly, whereas your staff has yet to earn their trust and credibility.

Hands down, your current clients are the best salespeople your dealership has and I’m guessing you probably have thousands of them sitting unattended in a database.

Conversations about your products and services are happening at soccer games, dance recitals, at the grocery store, the mall, dinner parties, coffee shops and everywhere in between which is why you need to make it easy for your clients to pass the conversation along to you.

If you'd like to learn how to do this with our help book a call and we'll put a process, plan and referral program in place for your dealership (and run it for you too).

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