We'll Recruit A Sales Army of Your Best Customers & Manage Everything For You

why you should hire us

We're The Best In The World

We are the best in the world because we only do referral marketing and we only run programs for Auto Dealers.

Our team is comprised of former GM's, Sales Managers, Finance Manager, Salespeople, BDC reps and even a title clerk (who keeps us all organized).

If you're ready to restart the referral program at your dealership and you want solid, long-term results there is no other choice.

WE handle everything

Your Program Is Fully Managed

We manage every aspect of your referral program. From initial build to managing conversations our team handles it all for you.

We use our proprietary software platform combined with our proven referral getting processes to generate more opportunities and leads for your dealership.

End the Frustration

No Training or Hiring Needed

We know your frustration with training your staff to ask for referrals so instead let us do it for you. 

We'll reach out, communicate, reply and get your customers sending their friends and family to see you. 

many ways to say thanks

Gifts & Rewards

We'll set up a rewards system which tracks leads, deals, payments, points and more. 

Each referral partner who signs up gets their very own portal where they can redeem their points for rewards (like Chuck-E-Cheese) and the best part is we manage everything for you.

We even have ways to keep the rewards in-house using your Pro Shop, Parts and Detail Shops as payments. You wouldn't believe how happy clients are to get T-Shirts, Hat's and their vehicles detailed in exchange for a referral lead.

Take advantage of our team

Support, Development & Marketing Teams

Our business model allows you to take advantage of our team. We have team members who are some of the best in the world at email marketing, appointment setters, creative designers and more.

This team was put together specifically to help generate more referrals at your dealership.

Expand Your Brand

Full Brand Integration

Everything from the email message to your referral partners portal is fully branded under your dealerships colors, logo's, font styles, messaging and mission. 

We are an extension of your dealership and everything we do will be fully represented.

Tracking & Analytics

Campaign Management

We create and manage all of your referral campaigns. Some will be email while others will use phone calls and SMS channels.

Every touch point is tracked and recorded for full transparency and you'll be able to view the reports and data down to the individual partner and message we sent.

Continuous Content creation

Marketing Calendar

We'll create a marketing calendar based on events (new vehicle releases), Holiday's and even your current print and social campaigns to reach maximum awareness for your dealership and the audiences of your customers.

ONe To Many communication channels

Multi-Channel Marketing

We can communicate with your referral partners via email, chat, sms, phone and even direct mail.

This allows us to reach them using multiple channels so your referral partners are always in the know about your referral program and offers.

Independent, single points & dealer groups

Multiple Stores & Locations

We can manage multiple stores locations, franchises and even departments. Because our platform was built by a dealer with multiple franchises and locations we have it all optimized to work for your situation.

RESTART Your REferral Program

Predictable Growth

Referrals are the best clients and by letting us build and manage your referral program you'll be able to have more predictable referral leads and business growth regardless of your staff or turnover.

full transparency

Your Referral Dashboard

You'll have access to your very own dashboard which will allow to see all of our work including reporting, analytics, partners and more. 

We also send you daily, weekly and monthly reports on activity, new leads and deals so you'll always have documented data on your referral program.

Benefits of Using Referral Driven

Referral Lead Management

We'll manage all of your referral leads, local outreach and more. Our job is to be constantly recruiting people into your referral program. We do local outreach along with forms and web pages to make everyone aware of your referral program.

Monetize every PRofit center

Referrals For Every Department

Our goal is to generate referrals for every department.

  • New Vehicles
  • Used Vehicles
  • Service
  • Parts
  • Body Shop
  • Finance
  • Detail Department

Plus, we'll also create referral offers and campaigns for your job openings, special events and other promotions at your dealership.

Leverage Our TEam

You Can Focus On Selling

You'll never be able to effectively and predictably generate referrals if you're relying on your staff. There's too many challenges to overcome which is why our service is here to help. We know with consistent communication and a formalized program your dealership will generate referrals by allowing us to manage it while you focus on selling and servicing your customers.

Generate Referrals Using Our Mobile App

Mobile App

There's also a mobile app which will be introduced to your staff so they can help get people signed up for your referral program. With the app we can also send leads directly to your staff or managers so no referral lead will slip through the cracks.

Your Next Steps...

Bolt-On A Referral Marketing Department At Your Dealership With Our Fully Managed Service


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